Ghostly going ons in Penzance, experiences first hand

I have always kept an open mind when it comes to the Paranormal, as none of us know what it is or if it exists.  I am of two opinions that it could be another existence or could be the very receptive part of the brain we don’t realize is working and that we never use.  Either way I will say I have had many experiences of things I cannot explain, and some have been backed up by the fact that they have happened to several people at the same time including me so I know I’m not just going mad!

As you can imagine as we are very successful estate agents, our lives are based in being in houses.  We have been in all sorts of quirky places, and have been in thousands of homes – however there has been one in Gulval (that will remain nameless) that I couldn’t wait to get out of.  It was not one you would ultimately expect anything in.  It was built in the early 20th century, it has large rooms, hallway, attic and basement.

I arrived 15 minutes prior to my viewing as per normal to check everything, open doors and switch lights on.  I had to go down into the basement to switch on the light etc and that was fine.  My viewing arrived, spent around 20 minutes looking around and then they decided it wasn’t what they were looking for.  So starting upstairs I checked any lights were off and shut the doors, doing the same with the basement.  I then did the same with the ground floor. I took a minute in the hallway to make sure Id picked up my diary and  phone and then went to the door to go out.  I had this most awful feeling just then that someone was standing in the hallway and were starring right into the back of my head and the feeling was they really didn’t want me in the house.  I did turn around and gazed into the hallway but I couldn’t see anything, but quite frankly I didn’t have to and my brain I was hoping wouldn’t let me!  That was one of the worst feelings I have ever had and I flatly refused to do any viewings in there again.


So are certain people receptive to certain houses?  Well we had a viewer who looked at another house in Newlyn and refused to go in it as she was picking up such bad vibrations, whereas I’ve never experienced anything in it all.

All very interesting stuff, have you had any experiences?




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