Why littles things will make a huge difference to the price you actually receive for your home

We can give you the basics on decluttering and advice on what to do to help sell your home.  However it is a team effort between yourself and us that makes our product work.  We have enormous experience with buyers and sellers when it comes to home presentation and what will and won’t work.


You probably think that you have to spend days and lots of money which you don’t have to sell your home – well guess what you don’t!  Small things can make a huge difference to the way your buyer will perceive your home and make them want it above other houses that are on the market.  We know what these are and we know what will individually work for you and tie that in with what needs doing and what you can afford.  In most scenarios you don’t need to spend anything.  Our advice is free so that won’t cost you anything either.  Call us for a friendly chat 01736 332076


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