Should you put your house on the market before you start looking?

Lets weigh this one up?  There has been much less available on the market to choose from as vendors have been holding back and everyone has blamed Brexit.

We noticed that many buyers  were simply looking and were reluctant to put their house on the market until they found the home they wanted, which is in itself caused the shortage of houses on the market and slowed things considerably in  November and December.  However  January will be a total turnaround and everyone is getting back to normal.

Our advice, DO NOT do it this way around.  They are still a lot of buyers against you who are in a very good position to buy – being cash buyers, people who are renting having sold their property or who have their mortgage all set up and ready to go.

Be ready, be on the market and with our help you should be in the best position to get that next home of your dreams.  There will always be some flexibility on timescales for moving in the chain so put yourself ahead of the game. Be in it to win it!


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